e-Maritime Conference 2012

The e-Maritime Conference 2012  - Connecting the maritime world - towards 2020, took place on the 22nd and 23rd of November in Brussels. It was very well received by the approximately 250 participants from across the maritime sector who attended. The conference gave participants a useful opportunity to work together and share their expertise, knowledge and experience of e-Maritime related issues.

The recordings are now available on  Video Portal

The EU e-Maritime initiative

The EU e-Maritime initiative aims to promote coherent, transparent, efficient and simplified solutions based on advanced information technologies.

Connecting the maritime world - towards 2020

The European Commission organised an e-Maritime conference on 22-23 November in Brussels.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experience and expertise with peers and colleagues from industry, government, academia, ports, maritime, logistics and other sectors.

On Day 1, keynote speakers, senior policy makers and industry practitioners helped set the scene for conference discussion. Together with a selection of new case study presentations, the background to the ‘eMaritime story’ was set and key issues and new challenges were explored.

Day 2 offered the opportunity to get involved in active working groups, presentations and discussions to establish a basis for shared policy making.

The inclusive nature of this unique event recognised the need for us all to work together in setting a new policy agenda - towards 2020.

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